Here is the link to my Soundslide project on the Pumpkin Parade in Outremont. Advertisements

For the Storify assignment, I decided to cover Ron Burgundy’s appearance on TSN during the Roar of the Rings coverage. I wanted to do a story on something rpoginal and that no one else was doing or had done. I was mainly focusing on sports stories for this assignment, and my main ideas to cover […]

Covering the 2013 American Music Awards on Scribble Live was interesting to say the least. The reason I selected to cover the AMAs live was in the two weeks we had to live blog on a event for an assignment, I considered the AMAs the biggest event that was going to happen. Not to mention, […]

Here is my world map published on CartoDB

With the excel spread sheet I found out how to add up and find the sum of statistics on excel. By using the code C106: =SUM(C2:C104). I was able to find the total population in 2010. 

Over the past decade, social media outlets have exploded across the Internet, ranging¬†from MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. These social networks not only expand the social interactions among individuals in society, but completely change the dynamic of breaking and covering news stories for journalists. Journalists can now break stories, cover live events and post their stories […]