Live Blogging the AMAs

Covering the 2013 American Music Awards on Scribble Live was interesting to say the least. The reason I selected to cover the AMAs live was in the two weeks we had to live blog on a event for an assignment, I considered the AMAs the biggest event that was going to happen. Not to mention, social media would have had a lot of content on the award show. Due to its relevance and popularity, I believed the AMAs would be a great event to live blog.

I must, live blogging in general after covering the AMAs was tougher then I thought. I made the mistake allowing every tweet to post on my live event with “AMAs” contained in the tweet. So from 7:30pm to 8 pm, my live event was full of tweets by everyone around the world. After fixing that problem, I began covering the event, and had a lot of fun doing so. Most of my posts were based on what was going on during the award show, with my general comments once in a while, as quotes from acceptance speeches, and various tweets with the hash tag “AMAs” in it. My biggest mistake I believe was not giving any background research on certain artists or events that were related to the show.

I learned a lot from live blogging the AMAs, and some valuable lessons if I ever live blog another event. I must improve on my typing skills as I was falling behind during the event. I must be a bit less biased next time around as some of my posts were more based on my own personal opinion. Lastly, as I stated before, try and add more background information and research on the event, and information relating to it. Maybe a bit of proportion before hand would be required.

Here’s my Live Event on the AMAs here.


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