Storify: Ron Burgundy on TSN

For the Storify assignment, I decided to cover Ron Burgundy’s appearance on TSN during the Roar of the Rings coverage. I wanted to do a story on something rpoginal and that no one else was doing or had done. I was mainly focusing on sports stories for this assignment, and my main ideas to cover the Rogers TV deal with the NHL and the Alabama/Auburn game had already been done on Storify. However, being already a fan of Will Ferrell and his character Ron Burgundy from the Anchorman movies, I decided to cover his appearance on TSN during the Canadian Olympic curling qualifiers for the 2014 Sochi Winter Games. I thought it would be interesting as curling is considered a very calm and relaxing sport, and Ron Burgundy is probably the furthest thing from calm and relaxing. As well it is not every day a film star, such as Will Ferrell, appears on a live sports broadcast of a sporting event.

I had a very good time writing up the story on Storify, as I find Storify a very useful tool to write a story, and not to mention it was very entertaining to watch Ron Burgundy on live television with Vic Rauter, and covering curling of all sports. The main thing I learned from this assignment was that Storify is a very useful tool for covering any given story, especially with its social media aspect and content.

Here is a link to my Storify on Ron Burgundy’s appearance on TSN:


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